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Best Golf Push Cart of 2019 For Enthusiastic Players: Top 10 Reviews

You may be wondering, why do I need the best golf push cart? Are they useful? Well, push carts are designed to help allow you to bring all of your gear with you when you’re out on the field. In this article, we’ll discuss and create our golf push cart reviews about the most fantastic products that are on the market.

We’ll also include a buying guide crafted from golf cart reviews, which can help you understand what to do and what not to do when it comes to choosing the best golf push cart for you and your friends. Additionally, our golf push cart reviews will break down the top rated golf push carts for sale of 2019.

Best Golf Push Cart of 2019 For Enthusiastic Players

1. Overall Best: Bag Boy QuadXL Golf Cart

Bag Boy QuadXL Golf Cart

Our first pick and the best golf push cart is the Bag Boy QuadXL Golf Cart which provides you with plenty of space. The Bag Boy is installed with four wheels and is very bottom heavy. You’ll be able to store cart bags and stand bags on top of the pushcart, as they will stay secured and in place. Adjust the support arms to your liking. Regarding the whole unit, it’s very lightweight, which means you’re getting extra space even with a lightweight model. You’ll also be provided with a scorecard holder, a smartphone holder, and a storage bag.


Lightweight & Compact Cart & Stand Bag Folds Easily Oversized Bag Storage Smartphone Holder Locked or Parket


Unstable at Times

2. Best Lightweight: Clicgear Model 3.5Plus Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5Plus Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear 3.5 review unit features a heavy-duty and robust construction base. To ensure that it’s easy to move around the field it features a quite lightweight design & framework, making the cart easy to maneuver without getting tired. This three-wheeler can fold up in seconds, so it’s easier to use it when you’re on the go. Other accessories on the unit include a scorecard storage, cup holder, and umbrella holder. One of the other features this cart is remarkable for is the fact that you get four extra tabs to help accessorize the model to your preferences. You can add another seat, install a cooler, and much more.


Lightweight & Durable Boasts Hand Brake Portable Handle Height Adjustment Accessory Holder


No Swivel Front Wheels

3. Tangkula Golf Push Cart

Tangkula Golf Push Cart

Our next best golf push cart features a three-wheel design. With a sturdy steel frame, it allows you to place a lot onto the cart without it shaking or falling over. The handles can be used by both left and right-handed people and can be adjusted to different heights and angles. This can take some pressure off your wrists, especially if you find it gets sore or painful after lugging a cart around. As for accessories, there's a beverage holder and a sitting stool.


Lightweight Strong & Durable Frames Height/Angle Adjustments Net Bag/Beverage Mounting Place Ball-Bearing Wheels Seating Stool.


Missing Non-Essential Parts

4. Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser

Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser

Our next model on our list of the best golf push carts is the Pinemeadow. The Pinemeadow is a three-wheel pushed cart which has a durable aluminum frame. This provides you with enhanced support to carry your bags. It’s a lightweight model and is one of the best entry-level pushing carts you’ll see on the market. In addition, it features a two step design which is collapsible, a handle that rotates to various angles and boasts an interesting ball holder. All of the compartments are waterproof and will keep your possessions protected.


Lightweight Strong Framework Portable Adjustable Handle Tires Which Are Anti-Skid Waterproof Compartments


No Swivel Wheels

5. CaddyTek Superlite Explorer

CaddyTek Superlite Explorer

The Caddytek push cart is built with a durable aluminum frame but still weighs a mere 14 lbs. This top golf push cart includes two latched mechanisms which can help allow the car to fold into a very small and compact device. As for accessories, you’ll get a scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and a decent storage compartment. The golf caddy cart’s wheels have been installed and can easily be adjusted to help expand larger bags without putting the overall stability at risk.


Durable Frame Lightweight Folding Design Accessory Holders Wheel Brakes Adjustable Backset Width


Handle Has 2 Parts Breaks Hard to Lock

6. Bag Boy Express DLXPro Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy Express DLXPro Golf Push Cart

The Bag Boy DLX cart can accommodate all of your gold bags even when it’s folded. Featuring a unique 2 step system, this top golf push cart becomes super portable and compact. The lightweight design provides easy transportation, but it's still sturdy. When it comes to storage, you’ll have enough space to hold scoreboards, pencils, and beverages. Lastly, a smartphone holder has been installed so that you can place your phone down and be hands-free.


Lightweight Folds Adjustable Easy Breaking Accessory Holders Smartphone Holder



7. Paragon Push Cart

Paragon Push Cart

The fourth best golf push cart on our list is an amazing product. It features a wide tube framework made of aluminium which is built to be long lasting and sturdy to hold your equipment. The handle can be adjusted and changed to different positions. This makes it easier to push when it comes to lugging it around all day. There are three wheels, and it has a larger rear wheels (12 inches) to help you push the cart on uneven terrain. When it comes to the portability and storage aspects of this unit, it features a cup holder, umbrella holder, and much more. Lastly, it features a unique cooling bag that can keep a drink cold for you.


High Quality Aluminum Tubing Handle Which Is Easy to Use Wheel Breaks Efficient Rear Wheels (12 inches) Portable Accessory Holders


Front Wheel is Flimsy

8. Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart

For the first best golf push cart pick, we wanted to show you a high-end golf cart which provides you with all the extra features you didn’t even think you wanted. This model is a four-wheeler which has a wider base to help support the cart, ensuring stability. Installed on the cart are durable tires that feature a fantastic front-wheel brake system. You can flick the handle trigger to get the cart to stop moving. Furthermore, this model is easy to fold, has an amazing V-slide (patented), and has accessory mounts which are built-in. This includes an umbrella holder, two cup holders, and a scorecard storage unit.


Stable & Bottom-Heavy High Quality Tires Handle Break East to Fold Accessory Mounts (Built-in) Two Cup Holders Height Adjustment



9. Spin it Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

Spin it Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

This is definitely among the very best golf push carts on the market. Its built from a strong and durable aluminum which provides you with enhanced durability. It also includes a folding mode which allows you to press a button and the cart will automatically fold. In addition, the tires come with brakes, and you’ll have plenty of storage space as this unit comes with compartments to hold scorecards, drinks, and umbrellas. Lastly, it features a swivel front wheel which makes it easy to maneuver.


Lightweight Durable Folds Shut Accessory holders Front Wheel Swivel Adjustable Bag Clamp


Uncomfortable Kick Break

10. Golf and Gifts&Gallery Navigator Push Cart

Golf and Gifts&Gallery Navigator Push Cart

Our last best golf push cart pick is the Golf and Gifts Navigator model. The cart features 3-wheels which has been designed to have heavy duty resistance. The pushcart opens wide, can be shut within just a few seconds. Plus, there are waterproof compartments where you can store your baggage in the rain. The handle features a larger design and provides height adjustments. What’s more, Navigator features wide wheels in order to help make navigating on different land types easier on you.


Waterproof Compartments Wide handles Durable Handle Adjustments Cup Holder


Storage Compartments Don’t Close

Finding The Best Golf Push Cart: Final Advice

It’s no fun having to carry all of your equipment across the field when you’re trying to enjoy the sport. Instead of renting from the golf club or attempting to use one of their beaten-down models, you could easily invest in your own. Not only will you be provided with better space, accessories, and have a smoother time maneuvering it through tough terrain, but you’ll also be able to use it multiple times. And lastly, you’ll also be able to buy other attachments and connect them to your golf push cart. This will make it the best golf push cart on the market based on golf push cart reviews.

Before purchasing one, you should consider what aspects make the best golf push cart. Check to see if the unit has a wide enough base to hold all of your possessions. Make sure that the cart has locking mechanisms, so your cart doesn’t go rolling away. Also try and look for handlebar adjustments. As long as you include these elements in your cart, you’re bound to enjoy your game. Moreover, also try and find a waterproof model, as you never know if you’re going to be playing in rain or shine. On the off chance that it rains, at least your items will be protected.

What makes the best golf push cart? The best golf push cart should have ample space, be waterproof, and make your game a bit easier on you. Golf push cart reviews we’ve reviewed are top of the line, and we still could narrow it down to one of them being the best golf push cart. By selecting the best, we choose the Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart. It features an extra large compartment space, a nice smartphone holder, and it’s lightweight and compact. All of these elements combined make it one of the best golf push carts of 2019.