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Best Golf GPS Watch to Buy Today | Top 4 Brands Reviewed in 2019

The best golf GPS watch will be a perfect investment if you are a professional golfer. Devices of this kind are able to improve the game because when you have an accurate information as for the yardage to green sections, hazards, and layup areas, you will be able to develop a right strategy and follow it. The best golf GPS watch will improve the accuracy of hits and will help to make a right decision. That’s why all the professional sportsmen never save on top-rated devices. With the best golf GPS watch you will definitely get more time to practice and will be able to win competitions.

Let’s imagine that you are travelling around the world and your goal is to play golf on various golf courses. The best golf GPS watch is a unique device that has pre-loaded maps of golf courses that may be in your disposal. In addition, this device is easy in use, lightweight and compact in size. The best golf GPS watch will be able to choose the nearest golf course based on your location, will show the distances to the green and to the obstacles if they are present. During the game, the best golf GPS watch automatically switches to the next hole. What can be better? If you are interested in such a smart device, then it’s high time to learn how to choose the best golf GPS watch among various models presented on the market today.

If you are a golfer, you are mainly worried about the equipment you use in the game. You don’t forget to take care about the new club or tees but what about the bag where to put all this? Usually, the best golf bag plays a very important role and you need to choose it carefully. We invented the way to help you and tested various top-selling products. Among them, we chose only the best ones and reviewed them. The comparative table below lists all these top rated golf bags to choose from. Detailed and informative golf bag reviews will be very helpful, as they contain all the details you need.

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviewed
Product Dimensions Display Size Battery Life Pre-loaded Courses Rating

Garmin S60

1.9 x 1.9 x 0.6 in

1.2” diameter

Up to 10 hours in a golf mode


5.0 of 5

TomTom Golfer 2

9.8 x 1.4 x 0.5 in

25 mm x 25 mm

Up to 11 hours in a golf mode


4.6 of 5

GolfBuddy WTX

4.5 x 4.5 x 3 in

24 mm x 20.4 mm

Up to 8 hours in a golf mode


4.3 of 5

Bushnell Excel

3.8 x 3.8 x 5.8 in

1.2” diameter

Up to 14 hours in a golf mode


4.0 of 5

1. Best Overall: Garmin S60

Best Overall: Garmin S60

Garmin S60 is a premium golf GPS watch with a ceramic bezel and a black leather band. It is lightweight, comfortable and accurate with 1.2” touch screen and perfect quality of the image even in the bright sun. You will be able to improve the game and its style according to current activity using convenient QuickFit straps technology. Based on golf GPS watch reviews, it allows to change the straps in a few moments without using additional tools. Thanks to the large number of additional sensors for increasing accuracy, the AutoShot function automatically detects the distances on the fairway and notes them for later analysis in Garmin Connect.

In addition, Garmin S60 includes 40,000 pre-loaded golf courses around the world. When synchronizing with Garmin Connect, the navigator offers to download updates for the most frequently used fields. View the exact distance to any point on the course, and calculating the range and inclination of the course is also possible using the PlaysLike Distance function.

The Green View function accurately shows the shape of the green from any point on the field and allows you to position the holes on the green manually for a better accuracy.

The PinPointer function of this golf watch makes it possible to perform strokes blindly by pointing the user with the graphic arrow directly to the green.

It is allowed to synchronize your Garmin S60 with a compatible smartphone and get smart notifications on the clock screen, including incoming calls, SMS, emails, and other messages. Expand the boundaries of communication – the mobile application Garmin Golf allows you to compete with friends and other community members on any of the 40,000 courses.

The battery life is also fantastic as it can stay alive for 10 hours in a golf mode and up to 10 days in a mode of the smart watch.


Best Garmin golf watch. User-friendly interface. 40,000 of pre-loaded courses. Long battery life. Can be easily paired with a smartphone. Great design. Accurate measuring of distances and hazards.



2.Best Water-Resistant: TomTom Golfer 2

Best Durability: Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses

TomTom Golfer 2 is a smart watch for golf with GPS support, allowing you to determine the distance and obstacles for 40,000 golf courses around the world. This high-quality golf GPS watch supports technologies that will be useful to beginners and professional golf players. At the same time, Golfer 2 has two new functions that its previous model missed: automatic shot detection and automatic digital display.

The function of automatic shot detection in this best golf watch allows to determine the distance to the holes and obstacles, helping the player to assess the possibility of impact. The digital scoreboard automatically tracks the scores, making it easier for the player to control the game, helping to identify reserves for increasing the level of professionalism.

Other functions include measuring the distance to the front, center and trailing edges of the lawn, the distance to individual obstacles in the direction of the impact, and a complete course overview with obstacle warnings that can be seen before the impact.

You can easily transfer the information from the golf watch to your smartphone by means of Bluetooth 4.0 connection using TomTom MySports. You can also switch the device to GPS mode, in which it will work up to 11 hours without recharging. What is also great about this device – it is water-resistant.


Premium-like design. Perfect quality of the display. Useful analysis of rounds. Easy in use. Can be connected to a smartphone. 40,000 of pre-loaded courses. Affordable price.


No Statistics tracking feature

3.Best Value: GolfBuddy WTX

Best Value: GolfBuddy WTX

GolfBuddy is another famous manufacturer of the stylish watches for golf with GPS. This best golf watch is slim by design and is very lightweight, so you won’t even feel this device on your wrist. The design itself is sporty and fits both men and women.

The display is represented by a touch screen. With this amazing device you will be able to see the play modes, hazards, time modes, shot distance, and even hole views. Golf Buddy’s Dynamic Green View feature shows the distance taking into account your own perspective. This is the main benefit of this best golf GPS watch among other products in our review. The number of pre-loaded golf courses worldwide is 38,000, that is great enough. You will definitely find the best and the closest course to practice.

With the help of the integrated Bluetooth technology, it is possible to get maximum out of the watch by means of connecting it to a smartphone. There is even a special application GolfBuddy, which keeps all your important data, scores and analyzes the progress.

What is not good about this device is the battery, as it is less powerful and can work for less than 8 hours in a golf mode.


Excellent touch screen. Water-resistant. Compatible with a smartphone. 38,000 of pre-loaded courses worldwide. Dynamic Green View feature. Affordable price. Lightweight.


Short battery life

4.Best Battery Life: Bushnell Excel

Best Durability: Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses

Bushnell Excel is an excellent solution for people who enjoy playing golf and tracking their scores and progress by means of the watch paired with a smartphone. You no longer need a computer to check the updates and review the progress. In addition, when the watch is paired with a smartphone, you will be able to accept the incoming calls and even to receive various notifications and SMS.

Bushnell Excell is the unique golf GPS watch, which is equipped with a top-notch battery that can work up to 14 hours in a golf mode and can be recharged within 3 hours. It made the best golf GPS watch list with for several reasons. This is a great GPS watch for golfers who want a wide mixture of features that pair nicely with a smartphone.

Among other excellent features it is necessary to mention its ability to calculate the accurate yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green, which is important for the golfer. The distance to hazards and layups distances is also given. The price of this best golf GPS watch is cheap if to compare it with similar models by other manufacturers. So, if you are looking for the best choice and an affordable price, this would be an ideal variant for you.


Easy in use. Excellent quality of the screen. Perfectly integrated with a smartphone. Very long battery life. Affordable price. 35,000 of pre-loaded courses. Waterproof.


No touch screen display

The Best Golf GPS Watch. Final Advice

Now it’s high time to sum up everything we discussed earlier and to talk a bit more about the best golf GPS watch 2019. So, based on golf GPS watch reviews we provided, the absolute leader in this category is Garmin S60. It is the best Garmin golf watch available on the market today, which will be helpful for both amateurs and professional golf players. This elegant gadget of the luxury category will become your indispensable partner in the game. The large color touch screen features high resolution and displays information in the highest quality even in bright sunshine. The device is pre-loaded with more than 40,000 golf courses from all over the world. The maps of the courses where the watch owner plays most often are automatically updated thanks to an excellent synchronization of the device with Garmin Connect application. The user should simply touch any point on the map to determine the exact distance to it in yards.

Garmin golf watch reviews say that its top-quality screen displays even the shape of the green and the largest distance in the front, middle and back part of the green, indicating the direction of the flag in the presence of blind zones.

What is also important, this premium golf GPS watch is equipped with an improved ceramic ring around the dial with protection from scratches and a high-quality leather strap.