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Best Golf Bag to Buy in 2019 | TOP 10 Reviews & Guide

The best golf bag is a necessity for the golf player as he carries all his clubs, balls, markers, tee-pegs and even some other useful and necessary things in it. Of course, the best golf bag won’t affect the final score of the game and won’t promise a victory, but it will be more convenient when all you need is in the same place.

There are two main factors that determine which best golf bag is more suitable for you: how much inventory are you going to carry in it and whether you are going to carry the bag yourself or use a cart or caddy. If you move around the field using the cart, the weight of this device is not as important as in case if you are planning to walk. In this situation you need to consider a lightweight best golf bag. But what are the other criteria of choosing the best golf bag? How to make a right choice?

TOP 10 Best Golf Bags 2019
Product Weight Color Dividers Features Rating

PING Pioneer Golf Bag

7 lbs



Ideal for men

5.0 of 5

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

5.5 lbs



Quick release strap system

4.9 of 5

Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

5.8 lbs

Black, Silver & White


Magnetic range finder pocket

4.8 of 5

Paragon Rising Star Jr

4.4 lbs



For 11-13-aged kids

4.7 of 5

Prosimmon Professional Tour Golf Bag

4.2 lbs

Black & Blue


External umbrella strap

4.5 of 5

Cobra Ultralite Golf Bag

2 lbs



Oversized Apparel pocket

4.4 of 5

Cleveland Golf CG Stand Golf Bag

6.4 lbs



Large insulated cooler pocket

4.3 of 5

TaylorMade 2017 Golf Cart Bag 5.0

4.9 lbs

White & Orange


Optimized for cart

4.2 of 5

RJ Sports Typhoon

3.7 lbs



Equipped with a rain hoodie

4.1 of 5

TaylorMade Golf Bag

4.6 lbs

White & Black


Anti-split stand System

4.0 of 5


1.Best Overall: PING Pioneer Golf Bag

PING Pioneer Golf Bag

Based on numerous golf bag reviews, Ping Pioneer is an excellent choice among mens golf bags, which is worthy of attention. The variant in the review is provided in black. This is really the best golf bag with many necessary orifices. There are also special pockets on the magnet where you can store the most valuable things and gadgets. 9 other pockets are also within quick access. Everyone who at least once held this item in hands appreciates its molded pockets. This purse is perfect for beginner golfers and even for professionals who need a special accessory for carrying the clubs, all in a separate pocket.


Easy to access magnetic pockets. Numerous useful compartments. Separate pockets for clubs. Affordable price. Presence of a water-resistant pocket.


Flimsy carry strap

2.Best Durability: TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

Best Durability: TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover stand golf bag has a unique design, that’s why it is very popular among the golf players. The top-quality strap system is very comfortable to carry and to take things out of it. The flextech stand system is a real finding because it stores the clubs still. It is equipped with a nice pocket for a water bottle. The cooler can keep some products cool when you are playing or moving from one hole to another. In addition, this best golf bag is easy to clean


14-way top divider. Special strap of dual density. Large pocket for the water bottle. One water-resistant pocket. Easy to clean.


Won’t fit the beginners

3.Best Quality: Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

Best Quality: Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag is another best golf bag that deserves special attention. It is designed in order to make your life better and easier. You no longer need to take everything separately, as this accessory is able to hold the set of your favorite clubs. Its design fits all the existing carts and includes 10 useful pockets to hold the things you need. This item is available in various colors, so you will definitely find yours


14 full-length dividers. Top-quality design. Various colors. 2 Magnetic pockets for easier access. Separate sleeve for the smartphone.



4. Best for Kids: Paragon Rising Star Jr

Best for Kids: Paragon Rising Star Jr

Kids who are just beginners in golf also need their own accessory to put the training stuff in. Based on golf bag reviews, Paragon Rising Star Jr would be an ideal variant. This self-standing golf accessory is designed in a black and blue color. It has a lot of space to keep all the necessary and important things. It is pretty lightweight and long, so children, who are at least 11 years old will enjoy it. This best golf bag for kids is sold together with a special rain cover that is able to turn your accessory into a waterproof bag


Nice design. Ideal for children. 31 inches in length. Lots of pockets. Rain cover as a bonus .


Won’t fit professional golfers

5. Best Tour Golf Bag: Prosimmon Professional Tour Golf Bag

Best Tour Golf Bag: Prosimmon Professional Tour Golf Bag

Every golfer is dreaming about the best golf bag. As for the Prosimmon Professional – it is a real finding for professional golfers. Well, it has enough space inside, so you will be able to carry everything needed including clubs and putters. All the pockets are equipped with zipper mechanisms that are responsible for the secure storage and prevent things from falling out. As professional golfers prefer storing putters outside the bag, this accessory is equipped with a special tube to keep them outside


Lightweight. User-friendly design. Ideal for professionals. Numerous zippered pockets. Special ring for the towel.


Not full-length Dividers

6. Best Ultra-Lightweight: Cobra Ultralite Golf Bag

Best Ultra-Lightweight: Cobra Ultralite Golf Bag

Cobra Ultralite is another best choice among the best golf bags available on the market. It is lightweight, effective and durable. Golfers choose it due to the best size, 5 zippered pockets and 14 full-length dividers. This best golf bag is available in numerous colors, which may emphasize your individuality and personal style. The price is very affordable. If you want to be an owner of the best accessory to carry your clubs and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, this variant must be your best choice.


Lightweight golf bag. Durable. Color variations. Equipped with a rain cover. Excellent price


Sliding clubs

7. Best Stand Golf Bag: Cleveland Golf CG Stand Golf Bag

Best Stand Golf Bag: Cleveland Golf CG Stand Golf Bag

Cleveland Golf stand golf bag is a lightweight accessory, which allows to organize all your clubs well and to keep them all well-protected. It is very secure. Excellent 3-way grab handle is there to simplify the process of carrying this accessory while you are on playing grounds. It is developed of high-quality durable materials and will serve you for years till you decide to choose a new best golf bag for you. What else makes it great? Well, it is equipped with a cooler pocket, several waterproof pockets and 6 zippered ones. In addition, it has numerous useful holders to store various useful things, which are easy to access.


Convenient to carry. Equipped with a clip for towel outside. Best golf stand bag with stable legs. Numerous small holders. Affordable price.



8. Best Cart Golf Bag: TaylorMade 2017 Golf Cart Bag 5.0

Best Cart Golf Bag: TaylorMade 2017 Golf Cart Bag 5.0

There are no reasons to exclude TaylorMade Golf Cart Bag 5.0 from our review because it is one of the best golf cart bags. In addition, it is equipped with a special 5-way divider top, which allows to make it stand. Separate 6 pockets also include a compartment for the balls, tee and garment. The stand is represented by non-slipping pads, so this best golf bag and its content remain safe in any situation, even when the weather is windy. Umbrella sleeve will be able to protect you from the rain and will be able to cover the item to keep it dry.


5-way divider top. Non-slipping stand. Special rain hood. Umbrella sleeve. Large size. Stylish design.


Low-quality of the materials.

9. Best Budget: RJ Sports Typhoon

Best Budget: RJ Sports Typhoon

RJ Sports Typhoon is a mini golf cart purse that is enough to store 5 gear pieces only. At the same time, it is the best variant for golfers who are training on a daily basis and do not need to take a lot of equipment with them. It is equipped with a special rain hoodie, which is able to protect the contents stored inside from a rainy weather. All the pockets are easy to access. In addition there are separate attachments for the towel and golf gloves outside the bag. To sum it up, RJ Sports Typhoon is an excellent solution for golfers who would like to save some money on equipment.


Lightweight. Excellent price. One of the best golf travel bags. Equipped with a rain hoodie. Available in 3 different colors. 4 Pockets for easier and quick access.


Uncomfortable dual straps.

10. Best Functional Golf Bag: TaylorMade Golf Bag

 Best Functional Golf Bag: TaylorMade Golf Bag

Based on golf bag reviews, TaylorMade is the leading brand, which develops golf equipment. Let’s see, why TaylorMade accessories are so popular among golfers. First of all, this best golf bag is developed from high-quality materials. The external side of this accessory is able to withstand any weather conditions and won’t get broken. Secondly, it is equipped with various pockets that are needed for a professional golfer. It is worth mentioning tee and ball pockets and a special 14-way divider top. In addition, this amazing item is equipped with a unique umbrella sleeve, rain hoodie, and a special case for the bottle of water. So, if you are looking for a durable golf accessory to carry the gear in, you need to consider this one by TaylorMade without any doubts.


Can be used on everyday basis. High-quality materials. Perfect durability. Very functional design. Can be used to carry up to 14 clubs and putters.


Is not waterproof.

The Best Golf Bag. Final Advice

After we reviewed all the top rated golf bags, it’s high time to speak a bit more about the best among them. So, Ping Pioneer is the best golf bag 2019. It is developed in order to protect your equipment, so all the materials used in development are of the highest quality. If you are a professional golfer, you should definitely choose this item. It has a lot of space inside but may easily turn into the heaviest variant if you fill it up to the end. Dividers in this best golf bag are full-length. Moreover, this stand-bag is equipped with 2 waterproof pockets. Thanks to high quality and perfect design, this best golf bag will serve you for ages. So, you’ll never go wrong if you choose it.